Certification and Fencing

All local municipalities have different rules regarding building projects and pool fencing. It is important that you check with your local code about your requirements. Your Little Pool comes complete with extensive engineering drawings to assist when dealing with municipalities. Some regions require independent fencing for above-ground pools.


Our standard range of Little Pool Co. pools have been designed to fit perfectly on standard-width trucks, which makes them simple and cost-effective to transport. Due to each customer living in a different location, we do not offer freight-inclusive pricing. We are happy to organize freight (at your cost) or you can choose to self-manage this process.

Ground Preparation

Each Little Pool Co pool is designed to sit on a basic, level concrete slab. This ensures that the weight of the pool and the exoskeleton are evenly supported, which is an installation requirement. The concrete slab should be a minimum of 6 inches thick and reinforced with rebar reinforcement mesh. Control joints are not required for our standard range and there should be no slope on the slab.

Electrical Requirements

You will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor for connection of your pool. Your electrical contractor will know the local building codes.