Luxury Fiberglass Plunge Pools Low Country SC

Luxury Fiberglass Plunge pools are gaining popularity in the Low Country. Little Pools offer a modern, lightweight, fantastic looking and durable alternative to the vinyl liner, shipping container or precast concrete pools. If you want a pool that is easy to order, deliver and own, look no further. Get to know the luxury fiberglass pools from The Little Pool Co.

Self Standing Fiberglass Plunge Pools

It is easy to install one of our Plunge Pools and fully customize it to match your existing landscape. Whether you want to place it inground, semi-inground, or even fully above-ground such as on a slab or elevated platform. The possibilities are endless with The Little Pool!
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Self Standing Fiberglass Relax Pools

Our self-supported fiberglass pools from the Relax Range can be installed completely in-ground, partially in-ground, or fully above-ground and even raised on an engineered platform. The choice is yours to make!
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Little Pools Relax Above Ground Pool Range

Amazing Looking Fiberglass Plunge Pools

Free standing plunge pools by Little Pools have been designed by a leading Australian fiberglass pool manufacturer. Our fiberglass plunge pools are produced in Australia and assembled in the U.S. Our self-standing fiberglass plunge pools are made of unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton means that unlike many other fiberglass pools, they can be installed fully above ground, in-ground, raised platforms and everything in between. best of all the Little Pools are lightweight, making their installation much easier.

Choose Your Little Pool Color

Above ground fiberglass pools from Little Pools come in four popular pool shell colors. Choose your favourite color for your new freestanding pool below.
Bi Luminite Colours Sapphire
Bi Luminite Colours Evolution 1
Bi Luminite Colours Pacific 1
Bi Luminite Colours Quartz

Customize Your Pool

Put the final touches on your self standing fiberglass pool from The Little Pool Co. and make it perfect for you. Choose from a range of optional upgrades below. Talk to us if you have any questions.
Pool Accessories_External steps to access the pool


If your pool is going to be a stand-alone feature in your backyard, you may wish to consider the addition of external steps or a stainless steel ladder.
Pool Accessories_Lights Jets Mineral water and more


Want to personalize your pool? There’s a whole bunch of upgrades available including multi-colored LED lights, swim-jets for exercise, heating options and energy efficient pumps.

The Little Pool Co Customisations Pool sanitation systems

Sanitation Systems

Even though you can manually dose your pool water with granular chlorine or liquid chlorine, there are some great automatic sanitation systems available, including salt, mineral, or hypoallergenic options.

Why Choose Our Luxury Fiberglass Plunge Pools

Below are just three out of many reasons why you should choose a luxury fiberglass plunge pool from Little Pools to transform your backyard.
Little Pool Look and Feel

The Look and Feel

You can customize your Little Pool in many aspects. There are various cladding materials available and the fiberglass interior is simply delightful. The pool shell is very strong, it’s resistant to algae building on the walls, you will not need to replace or reline your pool surface. And our pool colors are just stunning.
Little Pool at your site

Little Pool at Your Site

There is minimal site preparation involved in installing your Little Pool. They are also very stable and you won’t be surprised by a sudden movement of your pool. The pool won’t lift as the result of a hydrostatic event nor it will sink as some precast concrete pools might in some circumstances due to them being much heavier.
The Cost Factor of Little Pools

The Cost Factor

Last but not least – the price. Although the price points for our pools and some precast concrete alternatives might seem quite similar, there can be a big difference when it comes to putting the pool into your backyard. Because Little Pools are much lighter, you can save thousands on craning the pool into the position. Another big advantage of Little Pools is that if you are planning to put a deck around your Little Pool, your tradesmen can attach the deck construction directly to the pool, leading to a better result and lower cost.

How Pool Works LLC Can Help

We have more than thirty years of combined experience in the pool industry, so we know everything about what it takes to deliver, install, and maintain a swimming pool.

New Pool Sales, Delivery & Installation

We'll be happy to discuss you new pool project with you and build your dream pool. From the initial consultation to pricing, delivery and connections, we can help you have your new Little Pool up and running in no time.
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Our company also provides flexible modes of payment. You can opt to apply for financing options, to make it easier for you to pay for your new pool. Click the button now to apply for financing now. *Applying does not affect your credit
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Pool Cleaning & Servicing

Having a pool is incredibly fun, but cleaning and maintaining it? Not so much. But don’t fret, because at Pool Works, LLC, we provide full-service pool maintenance and cleaning. We offer seasonal, annual, and weekly pool cleaning and maintenance contracts.
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Our Customers Say

Pool Works LLC are a top rated fiberglass pool builder servicing all counties in the Low Country South Carolina. Read what our customers say about the experience with our pools and service.
Excellent service from an awesome family! They fixed our pool to make it look brand new & we couldn't be happier with their service! Highly recommend for any pool need.
We have used Pool Works for 8-9 years & have always had superb service. They are friendly, caring people & take time to get to know their customers. Our pool always looks brand new & the ease of telling them any concerns is a blessing. I highly recommend them.
Heath & Irene -we want to thank you both for the creativity, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sometimes Herculean effort that went into our beautiful new pool.

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The longevity of fiberglass pools depends mainly on the materials and technology used to build the pool. Compass Pools of Australia makes the shells that are used in The Little Pool Co. line of pools. Australia is known within the fiberglass industry for the best fiberglass products in the World. Compass Pools of AU ups the standard using a ceramic core technology that not only increases the strength of the pool but makes it completely impervious to Osmosis. Simply stated Compass makes one of the very best fiberglass pools in the World that will last you a lifetime with proper care.
The depth of fiberglass plunge pools varies across various manufacturers and pool types. For example, Little Pools are approx. 4 ft (1.2m) deep, with our Plunge Pool being shallower and Relax Pool deeper and the new Play Pool even deeper- check the specs table at the top of this page for more details.
The Little Pool Co. line of pools start around $28,000 for a small plunge and goes up to $43,000 for the new larger Play Pool. This cost includes the pool, GRP exoskeleton frame, skimmer, returns, LED color Light w/ remote, VSP Bluetooth Pump, and a Mineral Lion Mineral System. The pool is as close to plug-n-play as it can be, very similar to a high-end swim spa, it will require a concrete or paver slab to sit on. The benefit over a swim spa, is it does NOT need to remain covered, and can be safely sunken in the ground without fear of rot or rust damaging the pool. Installations and surrounds are extra expenses along with shipping, but all in, The Little Pool is a very affordable option that has minimal impact on your site and is much quicker than a traditional build on-site pool.