It was phenomenal! From the second I called Heath, he told me it would be about four weeks before we could get the pool, which was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to use it before the end of the summer
this year and I think to the day, it was 4 weeks. Because we came and talked to you on July the 18th and I think it was August the 18th that I was swimming in the pool. So, it was phenomenal! You let us come and look at the process at your plant, so we could visualize it and see the colors, see the sizes. So, I knew I was making the right decision. Irene e-mailed me back, e-mailed me pictures in the process because I was at work. And so, I got to really see it coming along. Always available, I can call them. Heath even offered to give us some ideas about decking and the follow-up process on how to make our backyard more of an oasis, not just the pool. but some additional features as well, so I highly recommend going with this Company.

Happy pool owner testimonial
KirstiOrangeburg, SC