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    Pool Works makes pool ownership fast and easy with a DoughBoy Pool. For 65 years Doughboy has been making quality pools at affordable prices and Pool Works is proud to be an exclusive DoughBoy dealer. Call us today to see just how Little a Doughboy Pool Would Cost. Follow Us On Twitter for helpful tips that are updated regularly.

  • Route Cleaning Services

    Our Route Cleaning Service gives you the freedom to enjoy your pool and save you time and money. Once a week we come by and check and balance the water chemistry using our chemicals, clean and brush the pool and blow off the deck as needed. Leaving you free to enjoy your pool. Ask about our SPECIALS!

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  • Vinyl Liner Replacement

    Liner looking a little worse for wear? Pool Works offers a complete pool over-haul with a liner replacement, from pool floor to deck we make it affordable to make your pool look new again. Schedule a FREE on-site consultation to see what Pool Works offers.

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    Tile falling off? Is your pool surface so rough it makes you want to wear shoes in your pool? Pool Works wants you to enjoy your pool, don't wait another year to fix it. Call us today for an on-site consultation.

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    Fiberglass pools are more durable and cost effective than any other in-ground pool. Pool Works offers complete turn-key packages that start at surprisingly affordable rates. Give us a call today!

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    For completely custom pools, shot-crete pools are the answer. From design to final walk through we can make the process easier by keeping you informed step by step. Pool Works offers complete packages from pool to fence to landscaping.

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    At Pool Works, we pride ourselves in being able to do everything involving your pool. We are able to keep costs down for you and quality at its highest level. See what Pool Works can do to make your backyard, a truly beautiful FUN Yard!



Pool Works, LLC Route Cleaning Service is an all inclusive service that lets you enjoy your pool more. We work hard at keeping your pool ready to swim with the added benefit of prolonging your pools surface and equipment by maintaining the waters chemistry. Pool Works, LLC is CPO licensed by the state of SC.

Poor Water Chemistry is often a problem with residential pools, most people can maintain the pH and the Sanitation levels, but when it comes to the long list of other chemicals that need to be in balance... Well, they are rarely given attention. Plain and Simple BAD WATER Chemistry can cost you hundreds or even thousands of Dollars in repairs and maintenance costs.

Our Route Cleaning Service saves you time and money. Every week we balance the water's chemistry, Vacuum Pool, Brush Waterline Tile (If applicable), Backwash Cleaning System and Spot Check Equipment.

Every Week We check and balance the following:

Professional Services

Pool Works offers many more services to keep your pool in the best possible condition. Please click each tab to see all of the services we offer with details on each service.
Pool Inspections
When you purchase a new home you have it inspected. Why not have your pool inspected by a professional who specializes in pool construction and repair?
Does your Gunite, Shot-Crete or concrete pool need a face-lift? We can completely overhaul your pool to include new tile, plaster, fittings, plumbing, deck and equipment or any combination of these.
We offer sales of Fiberglass/Composite pools as well as above ground Doughboy pools, pumps, filters and accessories. Purchase and install yourself or have our team of experts do it for you. The choice is yours and we can work with you on most of your needs.
Leak Detection
Pool Works has on-staff 3 certified SCUBA divers. Offering comprehensive "under-water" Leak detection services.
Commercial CPO Service
We offer CPO service to commercial pool facilities for your convenience. Why have a full time staff member when you can save money by contracting with Pool Works, LLC?
Winterizing and Pool Openings
Exactly as stated, we can open your pool in the Spring and Close it in the Fall.
Safety Covers & Safety Devices
Each year hundreds of kids fall into pools that are unattended. Why take that chance? Pool Works will work with you to help develop a safety program that fits your needs.
Fiberglass Repair
Sometimes it is age, sometimes an act of God, sometimes its just that things happen. We can match most fiberglass surfaces to completely hide any scratches or chips. If cracks appear, we can fix those too. Most cracks are fixable but sometimes underlying issues caused them. Its best for us to come out and do an evaluation first.

Helpful Tips

  • 1Advice 1We get asked very frequently "How often should we backwash our sand filter", that is an excellent question and one I am sure would get several different responses from Pool Professionals. In our professional opinion, there are several factors that would give different answers. The first one being how often the pool is used and or vacuumed. I recommend backwashing after every cleaning. Second, is chemistry, when the pool is out of balance it can cause the sand to solidify in the filter. Several reasons are out of balance Calcium, Total Alkalinity, and/or pH if any of these are the case; Consult your pool professional. Lastly, the time of year comes into play. Pollen, dust, leave debris all contribute to dirty sand. So, When in doubt Backwash!
  • 2Advice 2We recently went out to a customer's home on a leak call. When we arrived the pool was nearly empty and they were fighting a stubborn algae problem. The pool was an in-ground vinyl liner and the customer had been using a stainless steel wire brush to brush his vinyl liner pool. There were other contributing factors, including a in-properly installed liner. But, PLEASE DO NOT use stainless steel brushes on vinyl pools. There are specific nylon brushes and vacuum heads made just for vinyl liners.
  • 3Advice 3To prolong the life of your pump, periodically clean debris away from the pump. Although most pool pumps are rated for outdoor weather, when debris is allowed to accumulate around the pump, it holds moisture and does not allow the air to circulate around the motor. This along with the heat they produce is a very good enviornment for rust and corrosion. Which kills motors.